Goods arrive in Lebanon

Goods arrive in Lebanon

Sydney: The John Paul Foundation has reported that the eight containers dispatched from Sydney in December 2020 arrived in Lebanon and have been distributed to those people affected by the devasting blast that occurred in Beirut in August 2020.

Kristy Nassif Elias, JPF Board Member said “This mammoth task would not have been possible without the help and support of the amazing volunteers (including family, friends, and work colleagues) both here and in Lebanon. We have received hundreds of letters and messages of thanks from the people that have received goods.”

The containers took just over five weeks to reach Lebanon and the logistics involved for the distribution of the goods were undertaken by many wonderful volunteers on the ground, the Foundation is very thankful and grateful to everyone involved.

The goods were made up of household items, food and clothing, and infant products. Over 64,000 boxes of goods were shipped and delivered to all parts of Lebanon. Several orphanages received much-needed supplies, including nappies and formula.

The Foundation would like to thank every volunteer, both in Australia and Lebanon, the level of support was incredible. Many of the volunteers worked around the clock to see that people received the goods in a timely manner.

The John Paul Foundation would like to thank everyone involved; this extraordinary humanitarian relief effort could not have been achieved without the support from both local and overseas communities.

Lebanon still has a long way to go in the recovery process and ongoing support is still required. We will continue to offer support and will let you know what is ongoing, please keep Lebanon in your thoughts.