Technology saving kids and making them happy.

The John Paul Foundation’s latest outreach project will see new cutting-edge technology upgrades for the Orthopaedic Ward of Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Called the MEMORY program, it will equip the ward with the latest electronic devices, bedside screens, wifi, and tablets to support patient care, share vital patient information and let children and families keep up with their lives, home, work, and education during hospital stays.

Future health care is intrinsically linked with technology. MEMORY will ensure electronic medical records and treatment information is always at hand to bring the very best care to patients.

Patient portals and apps will eventually allow patients to manage many aspects of their own care. One-tap access, voice recognition, and remote home monitoring will help save lives and give young Australians greater ownership of and access to their health information and history.

Pilot trials have already shown MEMORY’s benefits for children on the ward. Those confined to beds are using connected tablets to stay in touch with friends and family or do their schoolwork.

Devices also work as distraction therapy during invasive procedures while rehab patients can enjoy the latest bedside entertainment including regular TV, free Foxtel, web browsing, social media, Skype, games, and movies-on-demand.