Sydney: Following the devasting blast that rocked the port in Beirut on August 4 2020 the team at the John Paul Foundation rallied together to support the people that were left devasted by the blast. The Foundation wanted to show their support by providing clothing and other items to the less fortunate in Lebanon, the original aim was to provide one container with goods prior to winter in Lebanon. The team set about making a few calls, the response was overwhelming.

Kristy Nassif Elias, JPF Board Member said “When the explosion happened on the 4th August, everyone wanted to help the people of Beirut in so many ways but did not know-how, so we thought we’d support the cause by being the conduit for all sorts of essential items like canned foods, rice, flour, household items, baby products such as nappies, wipes, formula, blankets, as well as toiletries and sanitary items, along with many other goods.”

Within 24 hours, the mission to assist went viral on all social media platforms. The influx was almost overwhelming, however, the challenge to get these goods to the people in need was greater. Over the past month, eight containers were filled with goods received and the JPF team worked around the clock sorting and packing.

The number of volunteers was enormous and the level of support humbling. All around Sydney people opened their homes as drop-off points, sometimes on a 24-hour basis. The volunteers included relatives, friends, and business associates, as well as complete strangers that just wanted to help. Volunteers from all backgrounds across the community donated big and small.

The team at the JPF could not have achieved this amazing effort without the support of the amazing volunteers. The eight containers are now on their way to Lebanon and should take about five weeks to arrive.


  • 8 containers
  • 64,000 boxes
  • 400,000 products
  • $3 million of products
  • 120 volunteer hours over two weeks
  • 100’s of volunteers

The John Paul Foundation would like to thank everyone involved; they could not have completed this huge task without the support from the community.

God Bless Lebanon.